Hello Community!

The server rest is almost here and is just around the corner. After an amazing start and finish to the season, we have decided to once again, hold another event to finish things off smoothly. Some of you may know due to being active in our server discord the past few weeks. Get ready to prepare for the Final Battle. This battle will not be like any normal battle. New kits, new items, new cosmetics will be bought out just for this occasion. Be prepared. Its time for Riot Week!

For those wanting to conquer the server and become Island Top #1 for Season 4, make sure you are on for release within the next week or two! (more information on our discord within the new few days.)


A brand new GUI has been added to the server. This GUI will allow you to TP to the brand new server edition for this riot week, and it will allow you to claim your daily riot week gift on the server.
A parkour event has been added. Once the parkour has been completed, you will receive a handful of OP rewards that may help you win this season.
Good luck!