Hello Community!

The server rest is almost here and is just around the corner. After an amazing start and finish to the season, we have decided to once again, hold another event to finish things off smoothly. Some of you may know due to being active in our server discord the past few weeks. Get ready to prepare for the Final Battle. This battle will not be like any normal battle. New kits, new items, new cosmetics will be bought out just for this occasion. Be prepared. Its time for Riot Week!

For those wanting to conquer the server and become Island Top #1 for Season 4, make sure you are on for release within the next week or two! (more information on our discord within the new few days.)

Thursday 14th March 2019 8pm GMT.

This is the most accurate timing we think the first event for Riot Week will come out. We are expecting a quick maintenance restart some time around 7:30pm GMT to add the new features and will be back up to the public shortly after.

Riot Week will be returning this season but with a small change. This time, it will be more action packed and PvP based.
For those who haven't participated in this event before, this is what will happen:

- Within the next week, small and big events will happen to end off the servers season.
- Free items will be given out via signs at /warp pvp for you to finish off your battle one final time.
- Regular server wide events will happen. Example: Key Alls, parkour and much more.

Alongside that, you will have the opportunity to gain access to TNT and Gamemode Creative to blow up and grief any of the server builds on the final day of the server. So, BE PREPARED!

New Features [GLOBAL]
Just like any other reset, the new season will be bought to you with may new features to fill in any missing gaps the server has. We will not be releasing any information about the new features yet, but i will say, we are open to suggestions in our server discord for what you would like to see added to next season.

Island Top [GLOBAL]
As per usual, the top 2 islands on the server will be rewarded with items for the start of next season. Currently, this is the following payout we will be giving to the top users. 
Island Top #1: £10 BuyCraft, 1x Island Top GKIT
Island Top #2: /Fly Command

Balance Top [GLOBAL]
This season, we have decided that we should reward the top balanced player on the server. These rewards may change but they will most likely stay.
Balance Top #1: 1x #BalTop Suffix

If you have any questions regarding the reset, feel free to PM me on discord. BigNan#2859