Before we start this Content Patch, i would like to announce that the server will be resetting MARCH 20th 2019 6pm GMT. The TOP 3 islands will be rewarded for their hard work on the server.
Welcome to Content Patch 3.6 of SkyIslands SkyBlock!
Check out these amazing updates at MC.PLAYSKYISLANDS.COM.

This content patch will focus on updating a few server features and bug fixes.


  • - Updated Token Shop [RESET THEME]
  • and random bug fixes

Updated Token Shop

The token shop has finally been updated on the server. This theme for the token shop will be RESET. As you know, reset is only 11 days away on the server and we want to show our appreciation to you to say Thanks for playing SkyIslands. The token shop will hold unique and rare items that can usually only be purchased at the start of a new season on the server store. BUT, You can get them for free in game now if you complete the tasks it gives you. The tasks are simple.... Mine 100 blocks and receive 1x Token. Good luck on your adventure.

- Added 3 more vote links to /vote
- Fixed bucket stacking
- Fixed picking up water and lava
 - Disabled mobdrops multiplier
- Added the command /superiorplaytime
- YouTubers will receive a free custom suffix
- /Shop misc has been updated