Before we start this Content Patch, i would like to announce that the server will be resetting MARCH 20th 2019 6pm GMT. The TOP 3 islands will be rewarded for their hard work on the server.
Welcome to Content Patch 3.5of SkyIslands SkyBlock!
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This content patch will focus on changing a few server items and introducing new things!


  • - Updated MobCoins
  • - Added New Spawner
  • - Added New Bosses
  • - Added Chest Sell
  • and random bug fixes

Updated MobCoins

MobCoins on the server have been an easy way to get free items from just killing mobs. However, the prices in the MobCoins shop have been a little unfair ever since we released the feature. This update will tackle the expensive prices and remove/add new and old items from the shop.
Blazes also now have the highest chances to drop MobCoins.

The SkyKing Boss

The SkyKing is a unique server boss that drops OP items once defeated. This boss can be bought from our server store or it can be defeated every 6 hours at /warp boss arena when the boss automatically spawns it self.

The GUARDIAN Spawner

A brand new Spawner has been added to the server. This Spawner can be purchased for $5,750,000 in /shop. The Spawner will drop Diamond Blocks which can be sold for a great amount per block.

Chest Sell

As requested a bunch, we have now added Chest Sell to the server. Chest Sell will allow players to place a sign on a chest that when clicked, it will sell all of its contents. To place down a Chest Sell sign, you must write [ChestSell] on the top line of a sign that is on a chest. Each Chest Sell sign will cost 75k to place down and ALL players have a limit to 50 Chest Sell signs. Once the items in the chest have been sold, it will give you a breakdown of what exactly was sold in chat and how much for.

- Swapped out some Server Quests
- Fixed server lag issues

- Fixed Mob Stacking
- Fixed Island Top
- Fixed Spawner Stacking