Happy Valentines Day To Everyone At SkyIslands!
Have you ever wanted to show your interest in a short but adventurous event? Well now you can.
By showing your exploration skills, you can claim OP server rewards at the price of nothing.
This event will allow you to trade in some of the Valentines Notes from the Cupid NPC's hidden around the server within the /quests GUI.
Upon clicking the NPC, a message in chat will show up congratulating you on finding them and will give you a hint on where to find the next Cupid NPC that is hidden around the server.
The event should approximately take you around 30 minutes to (if done efficiently).
However, you will only have ONE WEEK to complete the event before the /quest trader is removed and the Cupid NPC's along with it.Good Luck on your search.


A brand new GKIT for Valentines Day has been added to the server store.
This GKIT holds a bunch of server store items and some exclusive valentines day items that can only be accessed during the week of this event.
(( you will still be able to receive the exclusive items if you purchase the gkit after the event. ))
The GKIT will be on the store for TWO WEEKS only and may never be bought back for another year.