Welcome to Content Patch 3.4.1 of SkyIslands SkyBlock!
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This content patch will focus on a few server bugs and introduce the second week of the quest merchant!


  • - [NEW] Miners Merchant (Quests)
  • - [NEW] Miners Items
  • - Few bug fixes
  • and a little extra!


As a weekly idea for the server, we have decided to update the quest merchant at /spawn with new items and ways to get tokens weekly.
Last week was farming and the way you got tokens was by farming mobs and killing them.
This week, you get tokens by mining blocks on the server.
You get 2 Miners Tokens for the first 100 blocks you mine and after that, you get 1 token.
The tokens can be spent at the MINERS MERCHANT (which used to be the Quest Merchant) at /spawn.


- Added Latency Open in /wiki
- Added /latency command
- IronGolems now drop Emerald Blocks by default
- Monthly Gkit now includes a Monthly Crate
- Island Top calculation fixed
- Silk Touch Pickaxe added to Starter Kit
- /Shop Spawners now show what drops each mob has on the Spawners Lore.
- Spawner Gkit now updated with a more effective item [1x Spawner Voucher]
- Crate Key Gkit now updated with a more effective item [1x Crate KeyVoucher]
- Crate Key Gkit now includes 1 more EARTH and ICE key.
- Crate Keys are now Tripwire Hooks by default.
- Added KIT:VIP to the /kits GUI