I am making this announcement today as an important message that will hopefully help me decide what to do regarding the server.

Over the past few months of the server being live, we have focused on the 'SkyBlock' part of Minecraft. As an owner i would like to expand the server even further to bring in new gamemodes like Factions and Prisons.
With that being said, SkyIslands isn't really a suitable name for a Minecraft Network and this is where i need help.

Below is a link which will take you to our Website where you can suggest new server names for what might be our new Minecraft Server Network.
Along with the server name link, there will also be a link in which you can suggest new gamemodes that you will enjoy playing for the server to help us expand our community!

Me and my Management will look into the server names and gamemodes that you have suggested and will decide what to name the server within the next few months.

SkyBlock will always be the main focus of the server in the next following months before we 'expand' on our server even more.

Thank You

~ The SkyIslands Management Team!

LINKS: Server Name: https://playskyislands.com/servername Server Gamemodes: https://playskyislands.com/gamemodes