A few changes have been made to the server regarding Latency and TPS issues. The past few says TPS and CPU usage on the server has been at an Unstable number and with these new changes we are hoping that these issues are resolved.


Spawner Stacking is one of our major features on the server and this is one of the reasons why the TPS and CPU usage was unstable.
Spawner Stacking has not been removed from the server
BUT it has been swapped out for a brand new plugin, hopefully fixing the issues.
Due to the fact of a new plugin being installed, you will have to replace all spawners that were previously stacked above 1. I have spent the past few hours of my time going from island to island placing all spawners that were previously stacked into a chest.
(( If you are missing any spawners, please message me and i will resolve the issue. If you lie about any spawners missing, you will receive a one week ban on the server. I have logs to check all spawners that were placed before the changes. ))


Spawner Upgrades have currently been disabled on the server as this was also one of the major features for the TPS and CPU issues.
This feature will not be removed forever but we are trying our best to resolve the issue regarding them.


We now have a new developer for the server that will keep the server at a stable state and any issues found MUST be reported back to me so we can get everything fixed as soon as possible.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway found in our discord and be sure to be on the server within the next 20 MINUTES so i can activate a EARTH and FIRE key all!

Thank you for reading this post.